DNSChanger Malware Concern is Overblown!

I've seen a number of people posting about concerns they have regarding the recent media focus on DNSChanger. The media keeps posting about how this malware will kick "thousands" off the internet come Monday and everyone needs to check their computer. While it is true that any computer infected with this malware will be unable to gain access to the internet come Monday there are important things to point out.

1. The malware has been known about for some time, giving security companies plenty of time to roll out fixes, so if you have run a virus protection program recently you should be just fine.

2. This issue has been addressed by Microsoft and they have even sent out an update to help fix this problem months ago, so as long as you allow Microsoft updates you should be just fine.

3. The total number (worldwide) of infected computers is only about 280,000 with just 65,000 in the US. With over 250 MILLION computers in the US alone that means there is a .03% chance your computer is infected, so you should be just fine.

4. Even if your computer IS infected the FBI has controlled the servers the malware points to for some time, so there is no major danger to your computer. Worst case you can't access the internet come Monday and you have a computer-literate friend come over and change what DNS server your computer points to.

If you are still concerned just visit the following site and run one of the quick checks they suggest: http://www.dcwg.org


Did I mention.... you should be just fine, the media has blown this out of proportion to gain readership!