Reverse Seared Smoked Poterhouse

What do you do when someone tells you they have a local rub that is simply amazing that they then send to you? First you get curious… then you receive the rub and you bust out some 1.5 inch thick Porterhouses… finally you eat the porterhouse and become rather jealous that the rub is not local to YOU! For this I followed the same steps I normally do for my Tomahawks and they turned out so so good.

Temp - 300°

Smoked until an internal temperature of 120°

Once the internal temperature was reached I took it over to the propane grill, which was as hot as it would go, and did a quick sear on each side.

After searing it was left to rest for about 15 minutes before cutting.


Reverse Seared Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye

This might be the most flashy thing I have done so far on the smoker. The shear size (3.5 pounds) of the steak makes this a show stopper and it is rather straightforward to make. After dinner the wife made a comment that I am never allowed to make a steak any other way from now on… it is hard to argue with her!! For this one I used Weavers Dutch Country Steak Dust seasoning:

Temp - 300°

Smoked until an internal temperature of 120°

Once the internal temperature was reached I took it over to the propane grill, which was as hot as it would go, and did a quick sear on each side.

After searing it was left to rest for about 15 minutes before cutting.


Beef Ribs (multi bone short rib)

These are now my favorite things to make on the smoker and they also happen to be one of the absolute easiest things to make. Surprisingly quick and very hands off once they are on! Seasoning on these is great because it is a store bought rub that really works out great. Rub was simply a heavy coating of Weber Sweet Cracked Pepper Dry Rub seasoning & an additional coating of coarse black pepper.

Temp - 260°

After about 2 hours add a probe to start keeping track of internal temp.

Cook until an internal temp of 205°

Remove from smoker and let sit for just 15 minutes before cutting.


Smoked Prime Rib Roast

For this one I had the butcher cut & prep the rib roast by cutting off the bone and having the bones tied back on. Seasoning of the roast was butter mixed with garlic pepper seasoning and salt. This was much more simple than I expected and one of the best things to come off of the smoker yet!

Temp - 250° until an internal temp of 115°

Boosted temp up to 400° to help set up the bark

Cooked to internal temp of 125° & let rest, covered in foil, for half an hour.


Baby Back Ribs - Hot and Fast

Used a modified 2-2-1 method for these but wanted them done a little quicker than normal. Used simple rub of Quaker Steak and Lube Chipotle seasoning:

Temp 325°

2 hours on smoke

1 hour wrapped (brown sugar, butter, and additional rub added)

30 minutes unwrapped with sauce

Garlic Kielbasa thrown on the smoker during the last hour just because there was space available!


Trying something new for the site

Since I have found Smoking/Grilling as hobby I find myself trying many different ways of doing things. The downside to always experimenting like that is losing track of how I did certain Smokes. To remedy that issue I am going to attempt to post each of my successful meals here, along with the how of the cook. Hopefully this will create a repository that I can reference in the future and share with others, so they can give things a try!


DNSChanger Malware Concern is Overblown!

I've seen a number of people posting about concerns they have regarding the recent media focus on DNSChanger. The media keeps posting about how this malware will kick "thousands" off the internet come Monday and everyone needs to check their computer. While it is true that any computer infected with this malware will be unable to gain access to the internet come Monday there are important things to point out.

1. The malware has been known about for some time, giving security companies plenty of time to roll out fixes, so if you have run a virus protection program recently you should be just fine.

2. This issue has been addressed by Microsoft and they have even sent out an update to help fix this problem months ago, so as long as you allow Microsoft updates you should be just fine.

3. The total number (worldwide) of infected computers is only about 280,000 with just 65,000 in the US. With over 250 MILLION computers in the US alone that means there is a .03% chance your computer is infected, so you should be just fine.

4. Even if your computer IS infected the FBI has controlled the servers the malware points to for some time, so there is no major danger to your computer. Worst case you can't access the internet come Monday and you have a computer-literate friend come over and change what DNS server your computer points to.

If you are still concerned just visit the following site and run one of the quick checks they suggest:


Did I mention.... you should be just fine, the media has blown this out of proportion to gain readership!





Pedro the Spider

Terror.  Pure, unadulterated terror.  Let's talk about this.  Some people have perfect 20/20 vision.  Others require slight correction in the form of light glasses or comfortable contact lenses.  Others... Well... Others are blind as fuck without either glasses, contacts, or both.  I, unfortunately, am one of those.  Perhaps legally blind, without site-assistance such as glasses or contacts. 

One time, I tried to drive a car with only my own eyes.  This was about 15 years ago, mind you.  I made it about one block before I ran my car up over a curb, not because I didn't know the curb was THERE, but because I thought I was pulling into a driveway.  Yeah, not so much.  I'll never forget the chest-clenching sound of metal grinding against concrete as I tried to maneuver my car over a massive curb that I thought was a fucking driveway. 

Point is, I can't see a fucking THING without my glasses or lenses.  This is particularly important and relevant to the feeling of terror.  Let me explain.

This morning, for example.  I get up, reluctantly, after snoozing the alarms on my phone for 15 minutes, and I stumble blindly to the bathroom without bothering to put my glasses on.  I set the shower curtain in motion with one irritated swipe of my arm, but instead of seeing the unmarred cream colored porcelain of the bathtub, what I see INSTEAD is a large and completely indistinguishable black blob that is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!!! 

Clearly there is some foreign fucking OBJECT in my bathtub, and it is probably nasty and has many legs.  And I have no fucking idea WHAT it is, because I can't fucking SEE.

That's terror, let me tell you.

You stand there in mute panic, staring blindly at the large and completely indistinguishable black blob as your mind runs wild with possibilities.  This does not become any easier to deal with when the large and completely indistinguishable black blob begins to MOVE.

So, in self-defense, you swish the shower curtain shut again so you don't have to see it at all.  You KNOW it's still there, of course, but the terror of having absolutely no idea WHAT is there is paralyzing.  It could be anything.  Anything at all.  A killer cockroach.  A mutated spider.  A radiated stink bug.  How the fuck are YOU supposed to know, unless you go running down the hall and scramble madly for your glasses?  And once you GET your glasses, you are so panicked that you DROP the fuckers and have trouble FINDING them, due to your total myopic blindness.

By the time you get back to the bathroom with your glasses firmly secured to your face and the world again in focus, you are terrified to open that shower curtain and face the creature behind it.

So slow your roll, Turbo...... You gently sneak up on the shower curtain... You reach out with slightly trembling fingers.... You touch the vinyl.... You pull it back slowly...... Holding your breath the entire time... And....... YOU SEE IT!!!!!!  THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!

This is when you scream, do a spastic little jig around your bathroom, and get goosebumps all over your body.

Funny thing though... You STILL don't know what the fuck it is.  You got a bare glimpse of it before turning into a squeamish schoolgirl.  You STILL don't know what sort of adversary you're up against.

So you go at it again...... Reach for the curtain, but with more authority this time.  Some little voice inside is telling you, "This is YOUR house.  This interloper is NOT welcome here.  YOU are in charge here!"

So you pull the curtain back with more enthusiasm this time and you face the creature, which turns out to be a big hairy mammoth of a spider.  The mother of all spiders.  And it scurries across the tub, coming RIGHT AT YOU, and you scream again, but you also feel some relief.  You have faced your fear.  You have confronted the creature in the bathtub.  And yeah, it's not good, but it could be worse.  The fucking thing could have WINGS, for example, and it could come FLYING RIGHT AT YOU at any given moment.  But no... Not today.  Today it's just a spider.  A big hairy nasty one, yes, but still just a spider.

That's terror, my friends.  When you know there is a threat, but you have absolutely NO idea what it is, and you WON'T know until you find the courage to look.  This experience is a good lesson in life.

But what did I do with the spider, you ask?  Well, I didn't kill him.  He was too big to smash with a paper towel.  The only thing that would have sufficiently knocked THAT fucker out would have been a hardcore squash with a foot wearing a big boot.  And I was barefoot at the time.  I suppose I COULD have put on a boot and smashed him, but I was thinking about the NOISE it would make... This god awful CRUNCHING noise... and the mess it would leave... It was a fucking big spider, man.  It would have fucking exploded.

So what I did instead... I got an empty butter container and put that over my spider.  I then went about my business and left for work.  I spent all day wondering if he got loose and was now somewhere in my HOUSE, where I would happen upon him unaware and piss my god damned pants... But my worries were unfounded, as usual.  He was right where I left him, in the tub, under the butter container.

I slipped a piece of paper under there, flipped the container over, and took him outside.  I put the butter container on the ground and watched him scurry away to the safe haven of the weed-strewn jungle of the vacant house adjacent to mine.  I named him Pedro, in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  And as I stood there watching my new Spidey Friend escape into a new life, I said softly, "Run, Pedro, Run..... Be free......"

Games You Should Own: Saints Row 2 - Guest Article

This is a special guest article from my good friend Fritz, be sure to check out his great blog by following the link at the bottom of this post!

I'm not as big a gamer as I used to be. I used to buy just about every big name game that came out and play them pretty much non-stop until I had them beat. Now I usually buy only a few games a year and they last me months, so there are plenty of games that just fall through the cracks that I completely miss. Every once in a while, I go back and buy one of those games if I hear enough good things about them. About a week and a half back, I bought Saints Row 2. It might be the best $20 I've ever spent on a video game.

I never played the first Saints Row since I didn't have an Xbox 360 when it first came out and all I ever heard about it was that it was a Grand Theft Auto ripoff. And I didn't have any interest in the sequel since GTA 4 had come out by then and why buy a ripoff of a game you already own. Except Grand Theft Auto 4 got really boring, really quickly. GTA is always at it's best when it wasn't taking itself too seriously, which is all that GTA 4 did. I'm all for trying to tell a mature story about a former killer looking for redemption but it rings a little hollow when your character spends five minutes complaining about leaving that life behind and then goes out and kills 50 people for 5 grand because somebody asked him to. They changed the physics engine and made it more realistic, which made driving around town a lot less fun. There was also nothing really to do when you weren't doing a mission. I got about halfway through the game and just stopped because it just wasn't fun to me. Not to mention I wanted to shoot Roman in his stupid face.


Read the rest HERE

Site Promo

Created a QR code that directs to the site, if anyone would like to help promote please post this for people to see (would love comments about how the site looks on mobile devices as well if everyone could try this):

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Why Being A Nerd Isn't A Bad Thing

This article really shows why being a nerd can be a wonderful thing.  Since the name of this site is AssortedNERDery I have to assume everyone can relate in some way to little Katie... maybe you like music that people would consider unusual... maybe you spend your paycheck on comics... maybe you build computers/websites... maybe you have been called a nerd or a geek in your life.  We all know what it is like to be considered different in some way and have others treat us different because of it.  It takes a great group of people to stand up for a young girl that is going through this kind of treatment and it shows the world that being nerdy means being part of a wonderful group of people!


Almost Time

Dusting off the 'ol domain and going to try relaunching soon with fresh content.... hopefully this will include guest articles by some of my friends and readers, so if you have something let me know and perhaps we will include it on the site.

As the domain name states, this site is for Assorted Nerdery of all kinds.  Computer Nerdery, Music Nerdery, Food Nerdery, Movie Nerdery, Music Nerdery, etc.  If there is a reason to be excited about a subject and "nerd" out about it this is the place!