Beef Ribs (multi bone short rib)

These are now my favorite things to make on the smoker and they also happen to be one of the absolute easiest things to make. Surprisingly quick and very hands off once they are on! Seasoning on these is great because it is a store bought rub that really works out great. Rub was simply a heavy coating of Weber Sweet Cracked Pepper Dry Rub seasoning & an additional coating of coarse black pepper.

Temp - 260°

After about 2 hours add a probe to start keeping track of internal temp.

Cook until an internal temp of 205°

Remove from smoker and let sit for just 15 minutes before cutting.


Smoked Prime Rib Roast

For this one I had the butcher cut & prep the rib roast by cutting off the bone and having the bones tied back on. Seasoning of the roast was butter mixed with garlic pepper seasoning and salt. This was much more simple than I expected and one of the best things to come off of the smoker yet!

Temp - 250° until an internal temp of 115°

Boosted temp up to 400° to help set up the bark

Cooked to internal temp of 125° & let rest, covered in foil, for half an hour.


Baby Back Ribs - Hot and Fast

Used a modified 2-2-1 method for these but wanted them done a little quicker than normal. Used simple rub of Quaker Steak and Lube Chipotle seasoning:

Temp 325°

2 hours on smoke

1 hour wrapped (brown sugar, butter, and additional rub added)

30 minutes unwrapped with sauce

Garlic Kielbasa thrown on the smoker during the last hour just because there was space available!


Trying something new for the site

Since I have found Smoking/Grilling as hobby I find myself trying many different ways of doing things. The downside to always experimenting like that is losing track of how I did certain Smokes. To remedy that issue I am going to attempt to post each of my successful meals here, along with the how of the cook. Hopefully this will create a repository that I can reference in the future and share with others, so they can give things a try!


Almost Time

Dusting off the 'ol domain and going to try relaunching soon with fresh content.... hopefully this will include guest articles by some of my friends and readers, so if you have something let me know and perhaps we will include it on the site.

As the domain name states, this site is for Assorted Nerdery of all kinds.  Computer Nerdery, Music Nerdery, Food Nerdery, Movie Nerdery, Music Nerdery, Beer Nerdery, etc.  If there is a reason to be excited about a subject and "nerd" out about it this is the place!